Guitarist  -  Composer  -  Producer


From the very first time I perceived music, I knew that it would always be part of my life.  I learned the basics of reading simple sheet music in grade school. My mother was an avid church goer.  Spending all day Sunday at church was where I learned the dynamics of music.  We had a full choir, a lead singer at the organ, a piano, and a drummer.  The musicians at church could play anything.  No charts needed. It was awesome.  


I decided that I wanted to play drums and guitar.  My family helped me get my first real drum set.  I practiced until I could play almost anything.  That drove my neighbors nuts, but soon after my chops began to gel. 


A record producer, Miles Grayson, moved onto my street.  He heard me playing the drums and invited me in to see what I could do. Shortly after that, I was in his studio cutting demos with the old guys and earning a few bucks. I was also playing with choirs, gospel singers, and friends; making money or not.  I was having this incredible life because of music.


So now years later, here I am.  I'm having a great time with family and friends while making music.  But now the music gets global radio airplay.  Everything I’ve learned as husband, father, friend, mentor, and musician are a result of having a great family, and living a life of faith.  I am driven to live and love this wonderful life and the people I meet--still making and sharing my music, until I am escorted out.

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